How do you like this new website that I designed?

Please check out my new website.

I took a while to completely redesign it from the ground up. And I do mean from the very beginning since I was previously using a tool called Website Builder but recently switched over to WordPress since it has so much more functionality that it was a very easy decision once I realized just how much better and versatile it was.

Before my WordPress site was built, it was a constant struggle especially when I needed to add more pages, or add more functionality such as eCommerce, etc. I was told by HostGator (where my website is hosted) that I would have to upgrade if I wanted to use those features. What a joke since I could do all those things for FREE using WordPress! So that’s exactly what I did.

I decided to start a side business building and designing website to help others that need a professional looking site for their business and don’t have the knowledge or time to invest to build their own website. 

Don’t worry I still plan on keeping my YouTube channel going with at least one video of my art a week. Painting and drawing is my passion and always will be. But sometimes it does not cover my expenses which is why I need to find additional income by as many means as necessary. Not unlike many other artists out there.

Drop me a comment below to help me get my blog off the ground or to let me know if there is something I could do for you.

Also feel free to check out my eCommerce SHOP

Thanks for checking out my website.  🙂